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6 ½ & “7” Dia AND 4½ & “5”Dia Hydraulic Borewell drillers

Ganesh Drillers is an established BOREWELL drilling firm based in HYDERABAD CITY, Andhra Pradesh, India. This firm is run by well experienced people since 1984. Ganesh Drillers is in drilling business for last 24 years. Ganesh Drillers has completed thousands of borewells for domestic, industrial and agriculture requirements in and around Hyderabad. Now we are having latest drilling machines with IR 415 & IR 427(Ingersoll Rand) Compressors, which are capable to drill upto 1800 Rft depth in any type of ground strata.. Borewell drilling is depending on the ground strata,some times we need to drill upto 1800 feet depth to get the water in Hyderabad and surroundings . Most of the areas in twin cities are in need of higher depth Borewells to get good quality of drinking water.

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