borewells in Shamshabad

Ganesh Drillers(9966097799) is an established BOREWELL drilling firm based in HYDERABAD CITY, Telangana, India. This firm is run by well experienced people since 1984

Thank you GANESH DRILLERS team for giving me such a delightful experience.
Delightful – I felt that I am doing business with a corporate company and not any usual drillers, right from our first call, you have been welcoming and supportive throughout till the final settlement.
The reason(s) why I would like to recommend you is
• Impressed with your Approach to a customer (professional)
• Hearing your customer’s needs thoroughly (very rare in your stream of business)
• Ability to think on your customer’s behalf
• Being transparent, suggesting & educating the customer on the best possibilities
• Keeping the customer well informed and no last minute surprises to client
• Committing and delivering it
• Reasonable price
Mr Prabhakar you are setting a bench mark to all your competitors and my best wishes for your future.

It was really good working with this team. Owners are very friendly and co operative. Price ia reasonable. Only worry is, workers know only Tamil. Difficult to communicate with them. Apart from that work wise they are very good.

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